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DJ Satnone 1997

The Old Lab
I'm DJ Satnone, who for a while went by DJ Durt, but for different reasons changed my name back to Satnone.

I started producing music around 1996 with just a Roland JS-30, and a 1 crappy turntable. If you're not familiar with the Roland JS-30, its just a really old cheesy sampler that has absolutely no sequencing functionality at all,

Roland JS-30
therefore all of my samples had to be pressed by hand, by me. This made things ridiculously difficult and tedious, but it was all I could afford. The sound quality is not very good on a lot of these tracks too, but again, It was the best I could do with the equipment I had.

Just a couple years later I got pretty involved in painting graffiti art and completely stopped making music, which explains why this is all I have...

I still love music and I'm planning on getting back into the whole music producing thing again soon. With so much of this done on computers these days, I have pretty much everything I need now, and should be able take my producing to the level I only wished I could before. So if you like what you hear, I will definitely have lots more coming your way in the near future. Since I see music as an art and a hobby, my financial situation right now has pushed it pretty far down on my list, but once that's worked out I'll be back.

In the mean time, I've created this website to offer all of my music for free download. If you would like to use any of my instrumentals just contact me. The only thing I ask in return is credit.

Untill then, Enjoy :)

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